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Perl deep monitoring


This page describes OneAgent features for Perl process monitoring:

I'm not seeing any detailed metrics for my Perl processes, like descibed in the pic "Hard(ware) facts". Of course that is since deep monitoring for the process is disabled. And I can't enable it, since it's not even listed under the Supported Technologies settings. So far it seems like there is no actual support for additional metrics regarding Perl, it's just like any "unsupported" technology. The only visible difference is that Perl processes have a different logo compared to the processes labeled in the category "Other". The actual data is just the basic process metrics like Worker Processes, Responsiveness, etc. - but that's it. Am I missing something?


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


Perl isn't supported technology for deep monitoring by default. You can always use Dynatrace ADK to instrument it to see services and transactions. It is possible, I've done such things before. About additional perl metrics you need to prepare plugin for dynatrace to see them.


Regards, Sebastian

Thanks, that's what I suspected. I was thrown off by Perl having its own page like that. To me it doesn't make sense to highlight a technology that's unsupported, it's a bit misleading to be honest.

As you compare Perls page to others, generaly there is true. You see those processes with some bunch of basic metrics. But I understand with you that sometimes those pages are hard to understand. Sometimes clients tell me that he saw something there and I have to clarify his point of understanding.


Regards, Sebastian