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Please tell me where OS settings will change by installing Oneagent



I received a question from the customer.

Please tell me where the server configuration will change by installing Oneagent.

I understood the following change points.

◆Install Directory

32bit Windows : C:\Program Files (x86)\dynatrace\oneagent

64bit Windows : C:\Program Files\dynatrace\oneagent

Linux : /opt/dynatrace/oneagent

◆Log Files

32bit Windows : C:\Program Files (x86)\dynatrace\oneagent\log

64bit Windows : C:\Program Files\dynatrace\oneagent\log

Linux : /opt/dynatrace/oneagent/log

Please tell me if there is any other change, such as there is a change in OS setting part.

Also, regarding the following contents,
I heard.

Does this apply to setting change?



“oneagentmon device” appears in your Windows system during Dynatrace OneAgent installation.
It's used by Dynatrace for deep process monitoring. It works like a monitoring driver and allows
Dynatrace OneAgent to add its own library between the operating system and processes it is running.



Eisuke Arisumi


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Arisumi,

please have a look at the help pages concerning the installation process:

You will find a partial answer to your question there.
I understand you are looking for a more detailed description, so let me add some more information to what is already available on the help pages:

  • OneAgent files are additionally stored under /var/lib/dynatrace/oneagent (on Linux) and C:\ProgramData\dynatrace\oneagent (on Windows).
  • A user called "dtuser" is created (both on Windows and Linux), on Linux this default name can be changed using installation parameter, please refer to:
  • To enable automatic injection into processes, a oneagentmon device is installed (on Windows) and /etc/ is modified (on Linux). Additionally, on Linux a temporary filesystem mounted under /etc/oneagentproc will be created.
  • On Windows, a service called "Dynatrace OneAgent" is created.
  • On Linux, two services are registered in system's init: oneagent and oneagentproc. The latter must not be started or stopped manually by the user.
  • On Linux, a custom SELinux policy will be installed on systems with SELinux enabled.

Furthermore, all the changes that are made to the system are reverted when OneAgent is uninstalled, with the exception of the user being kept on Linux systems and part of the files preserved in mentioned directories, to clean these up please refer to:




Hi Tomasz-san

Your answer was very useful for me.

I was able to answer satisfactory to customers.

Very very very much Thank you.




Can you please let me know what all Linux file changes, users, groups will be created by Dynatrace managed install ( Dynatrace managed full install ) and not one agent .

We have puppet monotoring our Linux servers and after Dynatrace managed install it is modifying lot of files like sudoers , rclocal etc, and since this is not pre committed in puppet after some time puppet is reverting back and Dynatrace is running in to issues.

Would be really helpful if you can let us know what all changes Dynatrace does during managed server install so that we can pre commit those changes on puppet .


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