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Process group are not detected uniquely even after keeping hosts under 2 separate host group


Hi Guys,

We installed the OneAgent on 2 hosts under 2 different HOST GROUP. We want process group to be identified uniquely across these hosts as they belongs to 2 different application.

Some processes are identified uniquely where process properties are different.

Few processes still contributing to single process group even they are of 2 separate host group ( when process properties are same).Is this the normal behavior or any kind of bug.?

Is there a way to separate out process group when we are having same process properties? Even command line argument are same.


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

There's lots of default rules for how process groups are detected for different technologies but the host group will override any of this and split the process groups so that they cannot cross the host group boundary. First after ensuring the processes have been restarted after installation to be safe - note that splitting the process group (using host group or anything else) will not rename the process group - you have to define custom process group naming if you want them to have different names that make them easier to identify. I would check if this is the case - looking at the Technologies tab (Technology Overview) and selecting your tech is the best way to do this - if you see multiple Process groups with the same name I think naming will be what you need to do.

If you can 100% confirm that the host group is showing up for the hosts running the process group and can see only one process group that spans them it would be a bug and you should contact support but it is more likely some other issue.


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