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Process not detected for C, C++


We have process that are based on C, C++ and running on the linux host. We have installed the OneAgent successfully on linux box. However, they are not detected by Dynatrace.

do we have to make any change in process group detection rule? 



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hi@Selvam_Sekar this is the expected behaviour. OneAgent can also perform more detailed monitoring of specific technologies (such as Java, Node.js, .NET, and others) by injecting itself into those processes and monitoring their performance from within. This provides you with code-level insights into the services that your applications rely on. OneAgent deployment doesn't detect C/C++ after deploy, you need to implement through OneAgent SDK for C

For more reference OneAgent Support Matrix

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DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

In addition to Daniel's answer - if you don't need deep monitoring (which requires OneAgent SDK or or OpenTelemetry in your app), you just need to configure process group detection rules - declarative process grouping so Dynatrace considers your process important and will display it in the process list.

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Thanks @Julius_Loman ,@DanielS .


Have created the declarative process group to detect the C++ technology without deep monitoring. However, we are unable to identify the instance name.

For example, PS command arguments of the process

    1  6 Apr04 ?        00:09:13 sel2/application-manager-7/applications//application-manager --config /sel2/aplication-manager-7/config//dev7-IND2-am-7.cfg --instance am-1 --log /usr2/application-manager-7/logs/am-1 --size 102400 --flush DEBUG4 --pid-dir sel/application-manager-7/persist/dev7/am-1 --debug

1  6 Apr04 ?        00:09:13 sel2/application-manager-7/applications//application-manager --config /sel2/aplication-manager-7/config//dev7-IND2-am-7.cfg --instance am-2--log /usr2/application-manager-7/logs/am-2 --size 102400 --flush DEBUG4 --pid-dir sel/application-manager-7/persist/dev7/am-2 --debug


Dynatrace detects "sel2/application-manager-7/applications//application-manager" and this is shown as EXE Path under properties. is there way we can bring am-1 or am-2 also in the properties? we do have more than 26 such instance and unable to see any of them in Dynatrace.


Can't you add the command line in there? Unfortunately this has to be done for every instance I think..
You can use the API for this to speed up the process..



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