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Process properties containing wildcards


Often, when looking at the properties of an instrumented process (ex. Apache, generic Java, ...) I see several properties whose value contains one or more wildcards ('*').

I understand wildcards for performing searches or creating regexps, but would could be the logic in using it to display a single property value?

Examples (for a Springboot Java app):

EXE path : /opt/software/java_*/jdk*_*/bin/java

Java JAR file : MySpringbootApp-*-SNAPSHOT.jar

Is it hiding parts that are considered version numbers? What good does that do? It's hiding an interesting process detail this way.

(There's no custom process group detection being applied here)



Hi Dominik,

The reason for this is to ensure processes with different versions or build numbers in their properties are not seperated into a new process instance or process group if the version number changes i.e. after an upgrade or a configuration change and a new internal Dynatrace entity ID is not created for them. This way you can keep tracking the same process and have historical data even after an upgrade or configuration change because the internal Dynatrace entity ID will persist. Let me know if you have any further questions



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