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Question about Openkit

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion


To keep it simple, it seems that Openkit is used to add the possibility to send user session and action from Apps.


From de documentation

I read:

    The main advantages of OpenKit are:

        Trace web requests to server-side distributed traces

  With Dynatrace OpenKit, you can't:

       Create server-side distributed traces. 

I assume that this simply means no purepath/distributes traces are started if you use openKit

but you can see that  web requests originate from the APP?


KR Henk



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

OpenKit can be used to generate Real User Monitoring Data for everything that is not Web or Mobile Apps. For example rich clients or edge devices. 



OpenKit creates RUM data, user sessions and actions. For the latter you can trace web requests so you see them in the waterfall like with web based RUM.  

In most cases you will be able to link the OpenKit User Actions with backend Traces to get a service flow like this:


For some use cases this is not possible though, e.g. if you directly call a mainframe agent from the application instrumented with OpenKit.


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