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Questions about Metrics Ingestion Protocol

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

I did some testing around the Metrics ingestion protocol, and I'm pretty confident I'll be using it pretty heavily.

I strongly recommend those who ingest metrics into Dynatrace to take a look:

I have some questions that I haven't found replies for:

  1. How do I classify the data that I send? Can I say it's seconds, or a %, MB, etc.?
  2. It says that we can access the data through Custom Charts, but I believe it can only be done through the new Metrics Explorer. Is this right?
Antonio Sousa


Hi @Antonio S.,

ad 1) we are currently working on adding further metadata options that can be configured for a metric key ingested via the new line protocol, this will also include "UNIT".

ad 2) yes, you are right - Metrics ingested via new line protocol are only accessible either via Metrics Query API v2 or the new Metrics Explorer



We discovered this new api this afternoon and got exactly the same questions !

Is this API new ? I didn't see any blog post about it or i missed it.

Will it be available in custom chart ? (Not mandatory for me but it is more a question)

Big thanks. It is a good way to inject data inside dynatrace easily.


Yes, brand new 😉

I've already done custom charts and into the Dashboards, but you have to use the new Metrics Explorer...

Antonio Sousa

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