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Questions about process unavailable



Our customer installed oneagent to on a host where IHS and WAS running.
They wanted to see some problems on Dynatrace, so they stopped WAS.
Then, there is an error event that say failure rate increase on IHS.
There are some web requests, but IHS failed to connect WAS, so failure rate increased.
However, there are neither problems of process unavailable nor root causes showing WAS status.
At this time, process availability setting is "if service requests are impacted"

I have two questions:

1,In what case Dynatrace judge "service requests are impacted" and process unavailable occurs?

2,Is it possible that error on IHS correlate to WAS shutdown?
Natsumi Tanaka



DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

This thread is quite old, but let me answer you anyway, based on my knowledge of how this works.

1. service requests are impacted due to an increase in failure rate. IHS tries to connect to WAS, but WAS is down, so the failing requests increase, which trigger the Problem. If you change the setting to 'process unavailable', a Problem will be created when the IHS or WAS process is shut down or crashes.

2. Yes, absolutely! Since requests are hitting IHS, which in turn communicates to WAS, it will trigger a problem condition since IHS connection to WAS is failing because WAS is down.

I stand to be corrected on the above 🙂

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