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What are the tracers that Dynatrace One Agent Dot Net SDK supports?


When we downloaded the One Agent SDK for Dot Net from Github, we found that the latest Alpha version only supports Remote Call and Database tracers. Will this SDK support Web Service tracer too?



Correct - the current version of the OneAgent SDK for .NET only has support for remote call and database tracers. We plan to release regularly new features. The team is currently working on a tracer for messaging & queue and then will proceed by implementing features on this list:

But keep in mind that the OneAgent SDK is only needed to cover use cases that are not automatically covered automatically by the OneAgent. Many web and web service frameworks are automatically instrumented (ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, ...). You can see the full list here (look for ".NET" sub title):

Have you already tried with OneAgent? For which scenario would you need a web service tracer?

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