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RHEL 7.4 vs Windows Server 2012 which OS for Active Gates ?


Hi team,

I am looking for some expertise inputs based on you experience on choosing RHEL vs Windows server for Active Gates which will be used for Enterprise APM deployement (across multiple geography.)

Can you pl. provide some distinguishing pros and cons of each to weigh upon and key factors to consider.






DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

It is probably a matter of preference in your organization. The only difference is that some (new) features are not available for both platforms (private synthetic is afaik not available for Windows, but you need a dedicated activegate anyway).

For general usage - agent connectivity, memory dumps, vmware monitoring, etc.. it is just a matter of preference. If you have a windows only environment you probably would not want to use Linux and vice versa.

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In what way so active gate (for windows) differs from that on linux, any link on this? thanks

Also, With linux lacking a Desktop environment, will this block us from doing anything in future for Synthetic/DEM?

Hi Rajesh,

Currently, the only feature difference is that Private Browser Monitor is not available on Windows Server. On the other hand, Windows Server ActiveGates do support HTTP monitoring.


Its been a long time. What is the current state of this feature? 🙂

It is now supported on Windows Server 2016 as stated in the documentation.

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