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Remediate issues with the help of workflows


Hi Team, can we use one agent to remediate issues with the help of workflows?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Sangeetha, can you be more specific with your question.

In general Dynatrace (with the OneAgent technology) can be used to diagnose a myriad of issues by providing visibility into infrastructure and transactional parts of your system. There's a variety of use cases on the website which document this as well as on the blog.

Thank you Joseph for the response.

Below is the scenario:

If oneagent identified one of the file systems is reached 90% during the time, is it possible to call the script(python/bash)? If yes, the script will be
performed according to the conditions

Thanks in advance



Yes, this would be possible. If you use Ansible for example, you could use the
Ansible Tower
Integration for Problem Notification.

Or you could write a small web serivce, which recives the problem notifications via a custom web hook. Then parse the problems and if it is a filesystem full problem, kick off a script from there.

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Just a quick note - there is no option to execute anything on monitored systems via Oneagent. That in contrast with classical monitoring tools. You are just left with the options @Patrick H. mentions.

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