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Requesting updated details from Dynatrace around Service Quality Reports

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Could Dynatrace provide a detailed update on the plans for the Service Quality Reports?

There are many RFE's around the topic of the Service Quality Reports. I also think there is also a lot of confusion around them and what the current plans are for them by Dynatrace. It would be nice to get some clarification directly from Dynatrace. At one point I believe I was reading a post where it was stated that they would go away and be replaced by dashboards. I am not sure that is still the case.

I do think removing the Service Quality Reports would be a big mistake and should rather be enhanced to provide even more value. The layout of these reports are exceptionally well done and are easy for the business side of the house to understand which is key. While dashboards are nice, the ability to deliver such reports as a PDF via email directly I believe are more likely to be viewed over a dashboard approach.

Enhancements I would like to see include

  • Ability to download as PDF
  • Ability to separate reports into more targeted reports around teams, applications, etc.
    • This is yet another area where I think tags or Management Zones could play a part
  • Ability to configure a mailing list for such reports which can be automatically distributed as a PDF

These reports along with the enhancements listed above I feel would not only offer high value to the technical side of the house, but also to the business side that we are all working to merge much tighter.



Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Larry!

Thanks for your question and your suggestion! Solving reporting scenarios of our customers is definitely a focus for us and from multiple conversations, one thing materialized as the prime interest: the freedom to configure custom reports.

A while ago, we looked into the various options to deliver on that expectations and opted to bank on dashboarding capabilities to solve reporting use cases, because we regarded investment in that area as "the best bang for the buck" solution. Our rationale was, that whatever people want to put on reports, would just as much make sense on dashboards and improving in that specific area was in our interest anyway. So "dashboard reports" it is.

  • BTW: Yes, we do still have big plans to improve upon visualization capabilities in general to make for more compelling dashboards and reports.

To the specific question on service quality reports: It's true, that we ultimately want to map them into the "dashboard reports" approach, but we acknowledge, that we still miss some generic visualization options (like time-based comparisons) to fully manage to do so.

To your additional points:

  • Providing the ability to get a "static report" (as in getting a PDF) is still under investigation. It is some challenges on the deployment side of things, that required us to pump the brakes and make sure, we're doing this the right way.
  • Providing the ability for more targeted reports around applications, teams, etc. will go hand in hand with the planned feature of "Dashboard filters". This is basically about allowing to use one dashboard for multiple purposes (e.g. for a given application context). So this will come!
  • Providing the ability to configure a mailing list for reports is, alongside more default schedule options (like daily or custom schedules), one of the follow-up topics for the first incarnation of dashboard-reports, which are currently in an early-adopter state.

I hope this finds you well and answers your questions. If not, don't hesitate to come forward!


Good morning @Roman W.!

Thank you for the very detailed update. This is very much appreciated!

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Hello All,


Any update?


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