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SAS Monitoring

Dynatrace Enthusiast
Dynatrace Enthusiast

Hi guys, do you know if it is possible to monitor SAS environment(self-hosted ) with OneAgent ? If yes , how deep can we get?
-                  Can we monitor specific elements Workspace server • Pooled workspace server • Batch server • Stored Process Server • Connect • OLAP • SPRE • Compute • Job Execution Server • Microservices (service) • CAS (service)?)
-                  Can we monitor particular sessions and servers
-                  Can we monitor particular “jobs”
-                  Can we monitor particular “data-steps”
-                  Can we tag specific steps, etc.


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

@Ingrida  or @ChadTurner  maybe you have some experience with this technology?

Senior Product Manager,
Dynatrace Managed expert



we have a lot crazy and strange technologies in our Company (Somewhere even SAS laying around) but I have not stubled over so far 😞 


Will come here and write something if I do.


As @techean says, we tend to use custom devices for such "unknown" technologies and feed it from technology with events and metrics. 


On the other side, deply OA in fullstack and check what you see, it may be suprisingly a lot  (and pray stuff does not break SAS)


Best Regards,


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

yes we can, sdk on client app will help to monitor it successfully. Just mind your license units for sampling the monitoring counts limited devices.


Hi @MichalS MichalS - did you get something from SAS servers from Fullstack agent installation ??

Looks we have similar case here 🙂

BR, Josef


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