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Scheduling email reports


I have Dynatrace 1.186 and I need to automatically send via email the Dashboard data (or just some tiles) every X hours. I couldn't find this feature in the web console. How can I do that?


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Alessandro,

You won't find this feature beause it doesn't exist currently.

Our dashboard reports functionality (read more here) allows you to receive either weekly or monthly an email containing a link to the dashboar in question. You still need to open a Dynatrace interface via the link to view the data.

You can still generate a link for your dashboard and use scheduled emails to go out every X hours with the link for your dashboard if sharing via link is acceptable.

Otherwise, an alernative for actually delivering dashboard data via documents in an email is using Excel queries in conjunction with our Dynatrace API (metrics endpoint). Once you've created your Excel spreadsheet, this can be populated by REST API Query against the Dynatrace environment to update it with the latest results before being sent out to recipients.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,


Hi Radu, when you say "You can still generate a link for your dashboard and use scheduled emails to go out every X hours with the link for your dashboard if sharing via link is acceptable. ", how can I schedule emails? I the web console I don't see the feature of scheduling emails...

Not from the web console. This will have to be done on your email server.

On the Dynatrace console just ensure you have selected a default timeframe for the dashboard that is relative to your delivery frequency "Last X hours ending now". Then when you copy your link (from dashboard > share > users with this link can access) you will ensure the timeframe & data is relevant for the email delivery frequency.

Is it also possible to automatically export a Dashboard to a PDF file and send it via scheduled emails?

You could save the webpage as a pdf via your browser yes. I had a Manager who always wanted his dashboard to open right up, so we put the link into his start up folder and every morning he tossed in his user name and password and boom he was in seeing exactly what he wanted to see.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

So right now there is a feature in the Early Stages that will allow you to send subscription emails out. The options currently are Weekly and/or Monthly. Also one thing to note, this can only be done for the user that is logged in and viewing the dashboard. So at this point you cannot sign someone else up.

Dynatrace is working on updates that will allow you to configure the subscription for custom time. Like every other Monday... or Monday, and Friday subscription emails, etc...

Also they are working on the ability to sign someone up for the subscription. A director might not want to go about the fuss of subscribing, so you could add them. They are also working on 3rd party email access which will allow you to subscribe people without a dynatrace account, which will allow them to view the screen and thats all.

You can also share your dashboard as the other community member suggested. This will not send a weekly or monthly email. To do this you will perform some of the same steps on the desired dashboard:

You have multiple options. You can allow anyone with the link to access the page - But they will not be able to interact with it such as click a chart and drill down etc... You can allow anyone with the link and authenticated to access the dashboard - this method allows them to interact with the dashboard. You can also push this to everyone in the organization and it will show up in their dashboards. This can be very useful if you have a default or main dashboard for the company. And you can also assign access and roles. So we could add Donald Duck to either view, or edit this dashboard as we see fit and it will automatically populate in their dashboards section.