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Scope for DTSaaS monitoring for scenarios where communication between host to be monitored.



XYZ team which provides shared services, looking for monitoring alerts and event flows specifically between servers hosted at client managed DC and servers hosted at HCL end. For example "Alarm flow from 3rd Party Tools (RAM) to Moog LAM server hosted in HCL". Need to validate and see to what extent we can cover this sort of monitoring. We have OneAgent on Moog LAM server.

Case Study supporting above point-

RAM (Customer use this medium who do not have UNIX/LINUX environment). Now through RAM third party tool which is hosted in Client premises send data to LAM server hosted in HCL environment by establishing connection through RabitMQ. We need to check this communication because sometimes both side host are up but having connectivity issue in between which need to be tracked. Can we do something with DT here.

Data received at LAM through collector get processed and send to MoogCore. This is another communication level monitoring need to be achieved. This communication happens locally and agent on both the host. LAM and MoogCore.

Some more example-
1Alarm flow from Moog LAM to Moog Core server
2Events flow from Moog Core to SNOW
3Alarm flow from 3rd Party Tools to Moog LAM server
4Alarm flow to Moog DB and much more.............
More on communication this look like...

Let me know if there any confusion in understanding the approach .



Hello Shakti,

In your post you mentioned that you needed to ensure that communication is working due to situations where your hosts are running but nothing is being transmitted between them. Dynatrace has support for RabbitMQ so you can use this to see whether there were any connectivity issues or spikes in retransmissions. You should be able to find the RabbitMQ when you click Technologies and then you can drill down to the process group details to learn more about them.


David Nicholls

Thanks David for responding quickly on to it. Sending server is at client location and we don't have OneAgent on it. And receiving server in HCL premises which have OneAgent. In this scenario will it be possible since agent at sending node not present.

Hello Shakti,

You should be able to see it if you go to the Technologies section of Dynatrace. It will show you all the technologies that were detected by the OneAgent. If it is not there, you can go to settings -> monitoring -> monitored technologies. From there you can scroll down to RabbitMQ and enter the connection information that you need.


David Nicholls

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