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Select Services based on AZ subscription UUID



We want to filter the services that are created by Azure Entities (AZ Funtions, App Services etc.) for a specific subscription.

By filtering, we mean either with a tagging rule or management zone.


Has anyone ever done something like this?



So you should create a tag called "Subscription:<value>". Then your only option is the entity selector with a from relationship to the Azure subscription included (I assume these services will have the relationship but please check 🙂 ).



A list of all entity types for Azure can be found at the end of this page:

All Azure cloud services - Dynatrace Docs

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Hi Marina. Actually we want a Service entity and not a custom device. Services are not directly linked to Azure metadata such as Subscription UUID. So basically the query is:

Services that run to Azure App Services that belong to a specific subscription.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

 Hi @Theodore_x86 
I think the easiest way to get services into in your Azure App Services for subscription, is configure Services Principal with only one Subscription. 😁but if is not possible, this can useful.

  1. It is important to install OneAgent in the Azure application service (each service in Azure application service).
  2. Configurate Tag "Subscription UUID":"XXXXXX" and Tag for "identify Azure app Services" in the services
  3. Filter the Services by Tag in the section "Services" 

This way it will be much more manageable for you to achieve what you need. In addition, you will have much more information on very useful metrics for each of your services and you will be able to take advantage of it all with Dynatrace.


That way you can get the list of services running in Azure App Services filtered by subscription

I hope it's helpful 💪

Pierre Gutierrez - LATAM ACE Consultant - Loving Cats! Loving Technology !

Hello Pierre.

I am not sure I understand completely. If I manage to put a tag in the OneAgent installation will this be attached to the service or to the host running the App Service? And why are you using 2 tags? Shouldn't the first tag with the subscriptionID be enough?


We just discovered the following page:

It basically explains everything and it can be proven quite handy for entity selectors.

For this case the expression should be:

type(SERVICE), fromRelationships.runsOnOsi(type(HOST), toRelationships.isPgAppOf(type(AZURE_FUNCTION_APP),fromRelationships.isAccessibleBy(type(AZURE_SUBSCRIPTION),entityName("Cloud Dev Subcription"))))


Thank you all for your replies!


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