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Selenium WebDriver integration with Dynatrace



Is any possibility of viewing Java Selenium tests results in Dynatrace? I heard that I could send a header via Selenium, but there is nothing about it in documentation. I found only an information about AppMon. Does it also work same in Dynatrace?

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What you want to see. The execution? as a Sinthetic test? or view the execution as purepath?

You can use the same concept like in using the header x-dynatrace-test to easy visualize only the tests.

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

If the application the Selenium tests run against is intstrumented with dynatrace you will get the data.

You can use headers and request attributes or the API of the JS agent to send additional metadata about the test to make finding and analysing specific test cases easier.

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I choose the JS agent way. Does it work like in AppMon? Or there is another way to manage it? Below is an example, which comes from this question:

Is it possible to work?

sessionStorage.DT_TESTNAME = "TestName";

The calls differ from appmon, you can find them in the documentation or download the docs and examples directly from your dynatrace environment:

If you just want to report success/failure of a specific test, you could also use the way Julius described via the external synthetic test API and link those tests to the RUM Application.

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DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Since you are taking specifically about synthetic test results, I guess you want to view the results in Dynatrace. For that you can leverage the third-party synthetic API, which you can use to push your results about synthetic test from any testing tool:
More on this topic including examples here:

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