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Service flow - Calculation of the Response time contribution metric

Let's use the example of the Dynatrace documentation to phrase the question.

When I am viewing a service flow of the easytravel customer frontend service, I am interested in for how big of a share in the response time, the Journey service is responsible.




In the documentation, the following is mentioned:

  • 1—Average response time service

  • 2—Call percentage

    The percentage of requests calling the target service among all requests initiated by the service.

  • 3—Call per request

    The average number of calls to the target service that were included in each request.

  • 4—Average response time overall

While everything else is clear, I wonder what the average response time of service is referring to. Does this mean the performance of the ENTIRE JourneyService? Let's say the JourneyService has 5 different requests overall, 3 of them are rather quick, 2 of them rather slow. Only the three quick ones are ever initiated by the easytravel customer frontend, the two slow ones are doing other things and are not relevant to my service flow shown above. They are not initiated by the easytravel customer frontend. Will the average response time in the service flow above be the average of all 5 requests weighted by the number of calls or will only the 3 requests initiated by the easytravel frontend be weighted and are then used as the average response time of the JourneyService, as only these are relevant to my service flow?


Because to be honest, the other requests of the JourneyService which are not initiated by the easytravel frontend will not be contributors to the duration of easytravel and will therefore not be response time contributors in my flow.

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