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​Service quality report with Management zones



If some users can only access the specific application by Management zones and group settings, does Service quality report show only data of the application that allows for the user?

Thanks, Noah


Community Team
Community Team

Hello @Noah K.,

According to this documentation page:

Service quality reports

"Service quality reports address service quality across the entire environment. Therefore, you need to have access to the entire environment to view these reports. Analyzing and persisting the required aggregated data per Management zone isn't possible."

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DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@Noah K.

That is a very good question. A few things to note.

1.) Management zones will allow you to see reports. Provided the following:

  • That MZ must include any Synthetic monitors
  • That MZ must contain any Applications

2.) You can have both Applications and Synthetics available within a MZ. You can also have one of each, depending on your use case.

Here are some examples:

In this case i have a management zone that does not have any applications or synthetics within it. Just hosts and services

This one just has Synthetics and we can see just the synthetic reports surrounding that MZ

Finally here I have the MZ removed so the entire environment is included and you can see i have both Synthetics and Dynatrace Reports available to me


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