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ServiceNow Integration - how to handle the Multiple Infrastructure Problems?


I was wondering how others are handling the following scenario.

For the most part, when there is a problem identified by Dynatrace, it's on a single service or host or process/group. And via our ServiceNow integration, an incident is created with a single CI referenced.

However, when there is a problem impacting multiple hosts that Davis AI compounds into one single problem alert (a multiple infrastructure problem), which then reports multiple hosts to ServiceNow.

Here is how such a problem looks in Dynatrace referencing 2 hosts.


Here is how that's being reported in ServiceNow, reporting both hosts.


In ServiceNow you can only have one assignment group. If more than 1 host get reported, it could be tricky deciding to whom the ServiceNow incident should be assigned. Has anyone else come across this? How did you solve for this?


Dynatrace Enthusiast
Dynatrace Enthusiast

Hi Shakib,

ITOM integration can help here where each event in a problem is pushed to service now event table. 
For these events, rules can be configured in SNOW to create incidents.


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