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Services involved with an application


I've been looking for a way to extract all the services involved and required for the well being of a configured application into Dynatrace


Into the application menu, we can see the called services for the chosen application

There is a "view service flow" button where all the called services and sub-services are displayed. How can I extract this full list of services and not only the direct called services?


Having the list of services involved with an application would allow me to view how complex an application is and I’m sure we could do great things with it




Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hi Michael!

Unfortunately there is not a direct export of the service flow. This functionality is isolated in that view. What we can do to overcome this limitation is use a set of API calls. Namely the GET Application and Get Service and focusing on the toRelationships object.

This will show the outbound calls from the entities. We would have to define a set scope, and then branch through the layers (App - Service - DB).


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