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SetUp Request attribute for Otel ingestion


Hey all, 

We have set up a request attribute using request attribute source as "HTTP response header" . We are setting this up on OTEL requests. For some reason, this doesnt show up in our requests.  We have also enabled unified services as per DTs recommendations around OTEL. This has made things worse. 

Does the request attribute for response header really work for OTELs ? (Process group runs on a pod, hosted on k8s)

Unfortunately the "span" options didnt work as expected as we are doing OTEL export ingestion. (Only possible via OneAgent ingestion is what I was told by chat support)

Outcome - To make Request attribute appear for OTEL requests (we can ingest either ways oneagent i.e. default or export)




Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hello @kunal_vaidya ,

Indeed, currently you will only have attributes available as long as they are ingested via OneAgent. If it is through APIs, either directly, with the Dynatrace collector or a free OTEL collector, you will not be able to use these spans or attributes to convert them to request attributes.

What might also be happening is that you are not complying with all the restrictions for spans or ingestion. Here is a support link: Ingestion Limits.

Perhaps some of these alternatives could help you:

  • If it is a business data, you could explore the use of Business Events: Capturing Business Events.
  • If it is purely for analysis, you could consider adding it to a class method or putting it in the headers of your request (not OTEL), and then with Dynatrace capture the request attribute: Request Attributes.
  • You can explore using the OneAgent SDK: OneAgent SDK.

Here are some additional support links:

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