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Smartscape limitation


1. Cannot apply time filter

2. Doesn't correlate horizontally. ie service to service or process to process. That is time based behavior correlation.

3. Vertical correlation is low value. ie service to process to host is easy to determine even without smartscape

Let me know if I missed something.



I would suggest to you to submit these improvements as an idea in the community. Then members can up-vote it if they find these improvements relevant as well and it will be brought to the attention of Dynatrace developers. 

Maybe start with the global timeframe selector which could be applied to the Smartscape? I can imagine that this will consume a lot of resources when you want to consider 1 week + (so maybe this is the reason why it does not exist) but maybe Dynatrace can reply to your idea to justify the chosen timeframe or explain if they're currently busy with expanding it.

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