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Talends Jobs monitoring error


Hi Eveyrone,

I'm trying to capture Talends jobs on a Kubernetes platform.

I created a custom service with a service method, but I have 3 problems:

- Some distributed traces are named with "Unknown Service Method"
- The DT are incomplete
- And finally i have this error on capture:

Exception: org.postgresql.jdbc.PgResultSet$1

Some data could not be collected or transmitted. This is most likely due to a resource congestion on network, host or process level in your monitored environment (Diagnostic code: A2).

Has any of you ever had this kind of problem? Do you have any idea how I could solve these?

Thank you in advance for your help.


DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

This error can be related to built-in Adaptive Traffic Management :

To maintain good data quality, we recommend that you

  • Use network error patterns to identify the source of a problem.

    For example, if all requests of a specific service have network-related errors, the cause may be a short-living process that isn't sending data to Dynatrace.

  • Reduce the number of request attributes or change the definitions of custom services to reduce the number of requests.

To my knowledge purepath error codes are not documented. If the two bullet points above don't solve the problem maybe support can give you insight :dynatrace:

Observability Engineer at Phenisys - Dynatrace Professional

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