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The number of exceptions for each request is presented on the new purepath page


Hi all,


Before, I could use the old Purepath page to select "Errors", and then simply sort through the order to know what the request has the most exceptions.

截圖 2021-09-24 下午2.00.46.png


But it seems that it cannot be reproduced completely in the new PurePaths page. I know that you can select "Exceptions" in the new View, but the information I get is "the number of Exception types", not the number of Exceptions in the request.

截圖 2021-09-24 下午2.47.38.png


So I want to ask, is there a way to reproduce the information I mentioned above in the new page?


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Yes there is! Its not showing in your screen capture as i think it was left out, but you can configure the columns as needed: 



There is an option there for exceptions that you can add in. 🙂 


Hi Chad,

Thank you for your reply.


I know this setting,
"Exception" seems to show the number of excepiton types, not the exception count. It’s a bit different from my needs.

截圖 2021-11-11 上午11.18.31.png


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