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Transaction monitoring


What is transaction monitoring? In Dynatrace SaaS there is option transaction & services. I got the services but can someone through some light on Transaction. Can we create business transaction in dynatrace saas. What is the difference between transaction monitoring through dynatrace saas and dynatrace synthetic.


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

I can see why the name can be a bit confusing but I believe the main focus in that section is on services to make it clearer there are no explicit transactions that you're defining but many of the items there are similar to what is done with business transactions in AppMon (grouping and tracking certain groups of requests that are part of one service for baselining and alerting) but this is done automatically and is built in from the start. For added visibility, longer storage, and custom SLA thresholds you can also mark certain requests as "key requests" see So much of what is done by business transactions is done automatically in that services and transactions section.

Dynatrace SaaS transaction/request/service monitoring is different from Synthetics as it is monitoring real user requests and any internal calls occurring on your site by normal operations, whereas Synthetics is all synthetic requests you configure to be run from various locations around the world or from your own systems to simulate activity on your site/application to get detailed data on performance and availability.


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Maybe in addition, the Services and service request information is all based on our PurePath technology, which allows us to track transactions end to end, starting the users click in the browser all the way to the database on the server side.

AppMon's Business Transactions are very often used to achieve the sense of service boundaries and to identify service requests. This is built in with Dynatrace.

These two things are the reason for speaking of transactions. Transactions are end-to-end and execute service requests along the way (also see the service flow and PurePath view for that.)

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