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UNIX Swap monitoring using Dynatrace


We are using Dynatrace Managed to monitor our Azure environment and we are in need to monitor the Swap memory of Linux virtual machines. Does Dynatrace support this monitoring out-of-the-box? or else what are all the options available to configure Swap monitoring ?


Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor


As far as swap monitoring, Dynatrace provides actual number of page faults per second. It is available on the host screen, after pressing the memory tile. There are also additional memory swapping metrics that are pulled out of hypervisor, but that only applies to ESXi.

If you would like to monitor actual amount of swap memory available and used, please consider filling an enhancement request. This is actually something we measure internally, but do not display actual values on UI.

Thank you Lukasz. That answer helps ! Will raise an enhancement request on this !

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