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Variable localstorage as UserTag? Possible?


Hello guys,

There are any way to extract the value of a variable in the localstorage of the browser, with the goal to use it as an user Tag? Or I'll should to extract this value manually and implement it (as cookie, javascript value, css selector).

Thank you,



Hi Fernando,

No, Dynatrace is unable to use localstorage for a UserTag. Currently, the only supported expression types for extracting user tags are meta tags, cookies, JavaScript variables, and anything you can identify with a CSS selector, so you would need to make the value available in one of those ways, as you said. If using localstorage is something you would find useful, you could submit an RFE for it here.

Thank you Jordan C.

RFE submitted

Just for reference here, it is possible to use the localstorage. Set up a User Tag for a JavaScript variable and use: localStorage.<yourvariablename>

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