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Various questions about Dynatrace console


Hi Team,

Please provide the answer to below question. 

1. Can exported dashboards be restricted from editing?

2. Is there a Standard Operating Procedure for ActiveGate patching and upgrades?

3. How frequently are updates made to the Dynatrace Console version/build?

4. Is there a Standard Operating Procedure to prevent automatic upgrades of the Dynatrace console and for updating the console version?

5. Are the time and time zone visible on the console?

6. Are detailed timestamps for logs clearly visible, even for each hit count?

7. Is there ITSM integration to create auto-tickets for alerts?

8. Is there role-based access control for the APM Portal page based on management zones (e.g., Admin, Read-only, Guest, Log Monitor)?

9. Are detailed audit logs available for changes made on the console?

10. Is Qradar integration supported?

11. Are release notes accessible from the console?


1. This is possible via link sharing. You can generate a link that points to the dashboard and does not require Dynatrace access (user account) to view the dashboard. Just select the "anyone can access this link" option when sharing the dashboard.


3. Dynatrace SaaS—New versions are rolled out automatically on Dynatrace SaaS clusters every two weeks. Dynatrace Managed—New versions are rolled out within configurable maintenance windows.

4. Go to Settings > Updates > OneAgent updates. Select No automatic updates to disable automatic OneAgent updates.

5. -----


7. ITSM tool has a multi stage process to create a ticket.



10. Yes but through n8n:

11. ----

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DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

For SaaS:

5 - You can view and ajust the time zone in the Account Management -> Settings -> Environment. Choose an env then in Action column select Edit Environment.

11 - Release notes are available in docs only:

Site Reliability Engineer @ Kyndryl

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