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View Sensitive Data and ORA-***** exceptions

DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

We don't want to give View Sensitive Data rights to everyone ...

But we do want everyone to be able to analyse exceptions. Often we have Oracle exceptions which nicely indicate the number ORA-******, but without View Sensitive Data rights this masked.

Is there a way to configure this in a way that we can grant everyone the right to see all exceptions without masking?

If not possible, I would suggest an RFE to make some kind of exclusion for these ORA- numbers. They are never sensitive.


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi @Bert_VanderHeyd 

I haven't come across this feature yet. May be if we can try the access policy this can be achieved. I should give it a try myself to be sure. 

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DynaMight Mentor
DynaMight Mentor


Are you sure this information is not available to you due to restrictions?
If we are talking about the error analysis level - each exact ORA- * error number can be looked at at the PurePath level (Trace level in "Error" tab)

You can drill down to PurePath and get exactly ORA error number without "*"




Romanenkov Alex


I have to ask. Since I have all rights I can't verify that myself.
Although I am wondering what the benefit is of this approach. If the details can be found at trace level anyway - unmasked - what's the point of masking them in the Failure Analysis screen?

Frequent Guest

Dear Alex,

ORA number is not available in the purepaths:



Kind regards,