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View all purepaths in dynatrace


I'm having trouble finding a way to view all purepaths within a given time frame in Dynatrace. It seems like it should be something that's easy to do, but I must be missing something.



Hi Ryan,

Purepaths in Dynatrace are viewed within a service. If you will like to view Purepaths for a particular service, go to Transactions and Services and select the service you will like to see purepaths for. Set the analysis window to the time-frame you will like to see Purepaths for and in the details click 'View Purepaths". This will list all the purepaths for the analysis window you selected. This is different from AppMon where there is a Purepath dashlet to view every purepath in one dashlet. I will recommend viewing the purepaths from the service that is the entry point for your transactions so you can see the full purepath and all the sub-paths that were involved in the transaction.

Hope This Helps


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