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Vmware Integration with Dynatrace


Hi, I am creating on vcenter the read only user that I will go to integrate on dynatrace to have monitoring on vmware layer. My question is: how often is the vcenter interrogated to acquire information? There is a significative overhead on the vcenter infrastructure? Thank you



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DynaMight Legend

Based on my observation, the data is collected in 5 minutes intervals. Data is collected using standard vmware API and there is almost no (measurable) overhead.

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Can you define "almost no measurable overhead"?  To test out impact on an existing environment with other tools, and make a proper comparison on effectiveness, overhead, and monitoring goals it would be helpful to have a more defined idea.  Thanks.


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You are querying VMWare through their API. You should check with VMware if the total requests that you are doing to the API (Not only DT ones, since you said you use multiple tools) are over the recommended thresholds that they might or might not have.


Also, the only one that actually can respond is VMWare itself in case that what happens if there are too many requests to such API, what components are affected. The no measurable overhead is on point, since VMWare itself provides the API to gather data and handle operations via CLI to the vCenter.


And remember, that as @Julius_Loman  said, the fetch is only every 5 minutes.

We have 6 VMware monitored, the same question they asked us. We enter the option of VMware monitoring and review the consumption of the API. was 0.01%, this depends on the capabilities of the host.

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