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What agent to install on ESXi 6.5 host.



What type of Dynatrace agent I need to install on my ESXi 6.5 host server? Host OS is as follows:



Added screen shot for OS version info.

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Dynatrace OneAgent is supported on Linux, Windows, and AIX.

A complete list of OS versions is available on our help page:

For ESXi, simply install OneAgent. That's the only thing required to install.

I also recommend you setup optional ESXi metric capturing from your ESXi instance under the VMWare tab in the left menu.


Hi Joseph,

Installing OneAgent on ESXi host gives me the following error. Any suggestions?

Looks like you don't have root access. You need to root access to be able to install the OneAgent.


Thanks for the response Ari.

Double confirmed that I am installing OneAgent as root. You can also see in the screenshot I am logged in as root. So not installing as a root is not the issue. Any other guesses friends?

Per an existing support case it seems the issue might be the command it is trying to run "/usr/bin/id" is missing on that server. The root error logging seems to be misleading. That case it still open at the moment so I can't confirm that.


Hello Rehan,

ESXi host monitoring is achieved through integration with vCenter server rather than OneAgent installation. Here are some details on Dynatrace integration with VMware:

And instructions how to configure it (section: "Connect to your VMware platform"):

Best Regards,


Thanks for the response Karolina.

In an other experiment I installed the OneAgent on vCenter and able to see the ESX hosts but the information is very limited. I am trying to get to the processes/services level details about the ESX hosts by installing the OneAgent on it. Shouldn't I be able to install the OneAgent on ESX 6.5 host? I know it can be tricky since ESX host is running a VMware ESXi software which is different than a simple linux kernal. So any other suggestions?

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