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What are network zones?


Hello all 🙂

I am a bit confused about network zones currently. I want to use Dynatrace SaaS. 

Is it Network Zone > Environment > Management-Zone? 

So Network Zones are made out of environments (PROD and non-PROD). Environments are made out of management-zones (Application 1 and Applcication 2). Is this correct?

And what would you say is the best use case for Network Zones? Location wise, different providers?





DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Hi @MaxHeeren ,

as described hereNetwork zones are Dynatrace entities that represent your network structure. They help you to route the traffic efficiently, avoiding unnecessary traffic across data centers and network regions.

In the case you've mentioned if you have two separate SaaS environments (Prod and non-prod) both are already separated so no need for network zones if this is the only reason. but if you have different applications monitored in different regions and using the same environment then you can set different ActiveGates with different network zones for each region and you can use this format (Provider_Region_DCID) e.g. AWS_us-east_1.

as for management zone creation, you can use host groups as one of the recommended options, and as per the best practice you can use this format to create host groups (ApplicationName_Purpose_Environment) e.g. Easytravel_Web_Prod

I would suggest you check this course for ACE Best Practices

of course, you can use the network zone as well in similar use cases such as in Dynatrace Managed, monitoring applications in different data centers, and using the same Dynatrace environment.

Best Regards,


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DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@Mohamed_Hamdy is exactly right. The Principal of Network Zones is like Management Zones Fundamentally. Both organize data into a single segment being the given Zone. Where they differ is actual function. MZs organize data in your UI. NZs organizes OneAgent Data as it is routed across your Activegates and networks. 

One of my customers isolated Data via the platform. For example, Onprem Stuff talked to specific OnPrem AGs, while AWS OneAgents spoke to AWS AG, same goes for Azure. This allows you to isolate traffic like a car pool lane. This way if there is an issue with the AGs for OnPrem, it wont affect your other monitored entities as they report their data to Dynatrace. It also helps organize and reduce Firewall Rules to allow communication. 


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