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What are the conditions for capturing processes



I want to discuss about the conditions for capturing processes.
A batch process which we want to monitor is not detected when we ran it only once.
When we ran it once a minute for 2 minutes, it was detected.

I guess we need to run a process which we want to capture, but how many seconds do we need to run?


  • The process is .NET Application (.NET Framework
  • CLR (FullCLR 4.0.30319.0)
  • We created custom process detection rule

[Dynatrace Documentation]

I referred the following URLs

It says we can view the following processes after clicking "All processes" button.

1. Processes that are well known applications(Java, .NET, and so on)
2. Processes that have an open TCP listening port
3. Processes that use server resources(Avg(CPU) > 5%, Max(Memory) > 5%, Network Traffic > 5%)
4. Processes that have been defined by a user as being important

The process we want to capture is .NET application, so it should be detected even if it does not use server resources like Avg(CPU) > 5%, Max(Memory) > 5%, Network Traffic > 5%.

Best Regards,
Natsumi Tanaka


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

The question is if you have instrumentation for this .NET application. When it is detected, do you se services and requests on it? If not, create custom service, this should help. Another option is that, Dynatrace may ignore process that Are executed to rare. In such case, I suggest as well creation of custom process group detection rule. In such case you should force dynatrace to keep this process active.


Regards, Sebastian

Hi, Sebastian.
Thank you for your comment.
I think we have done all settings you suggested.

We have created custom service.
We cannot capture batch process, we cannot scan classes and methods, so we created it manually.

More, we have created custom process detection rule, and process monitoring rules.

I think dynatrace ignore processes which run in a very short time.

But I wonder if it is defined or bug...

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