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What are the difference between DT Aggregated data and raw data

I'am using dynatrace since 2 month back and one of my college asked me to differentiate log from " aggregated" data "raw" data. I'am not totally sure such things even exists, if it does not plz in your response try to match it with anything closer to the concept of "aggregated" data and raw data, since it might simply be an misunderstanding in the naming of thoses data.


I looked everywhere in the documentation and didn't found any clue of different data type in dynatrace. So if you have any clue of data type even if not mention in my question you are welcome to cite them out.





DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

RAW data means that you have all data points that was stored in Dynatrace. Aggregated data means that for example you will get data points for each 15 minutes with calculated AVG/MEDIAN etc for this timeframe.


Regards, Sebastian

Thanks a lot sebastian.k

Do you have any documentation link where I can learn more about that plz ? Does theses types of data have differents logs storages and different general treatment ?

In general all data arę stored in the same location as I know (Cassandra). I’m not sure if all data are stored in RAW format and only returned via API in aggregated form or not. I don’t know documentation for it as well. But even if you will know where all data are stored, they are encrypted and you will not have any option of using them without dynatrace API.


Regards, Sebastian

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