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What is the login for Dynatrace Mobile app


Dear Team,

We have Dynatrace Managed in our environment. We would like to monitor our environment using Dynatrace mobile app. We have installed public security gateway in our intranet. What else should be configured for public security gateway? What is the login we should use for connecting to Mobile app?


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

I haven't set this up before but this blog post has the steps if you haven't seen it:

I expect the mobile app will authenticate the same way you authenticate to your managed cluster via the Web UI. No difference there.


We have set the public security gateway per the steps mentioned. However, we were unable to understand which user id should be used for logging in into the app.

What login do you use to login into the Web UI in a browser? You should use that, the authentication is the same method I'm sure. You're authenticating to the cluster through the app.

we have configured ADS authentication and tried with our mailids. We are unable to login.

Using the admin account's email address is also not allowing us to do it. After installing public security gateway do we have to configure public ip address on the gateway for the app to connect to the cluster?

I have no hands on experience setting that up, just the blog post is what I've seen so don't think I can help beyond that.

The public security gateway definitely needs to be publicly reachable as is stated in the blog post.


I had just did a Dynatrace Managed deployment for a customer. The Dynatrace Mobile App does authenticate to the customer AD or Dynatrace Managed Cluster. It authenticate to Dynatrace Identity Management System which you used to login to Dynatrace Community.

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