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What's the command used to check the zremote agent and ActiveGate agent status?


I need to check the status of zremote agent and activegate agente.

Are someone provide the commands to check this information?



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Accordng to this documentation:

You can Check AG status on Linux by this command:

service dynatracegateway status

On Windows there no such command. But you will see only information about if AG is running or not. About monitoring Mainframe you will not have any information. You can use Dynatrace Environment API for checking metrics related to zRemote for looking issues there. I don’t know any specific command for such case.


Regards, Sebastian


By now there is also a CLI command to check the status of zRemote and restart it, see


"You need root privileges to execute these commands.

To query the current status of the zRemote module:

service zremote status

To stop, start, or restart the zRemote module:

service zremote stop|start|restart|forcestop

The difference between stop and forcestop is that the stop command instructs the process to execute its controlled shutdown routine, while forcestop forces the process shutdown."

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