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What to optimize if there's slow disk in VM Server?

Often times, if any of the following happens we can still pretty much what or how to optimize or fix the problem:

a) Slow Response Time

b) High Failure Rate

c) Insufficient Disk Space

d) Surge in CPU or RAM

What about slow disk? If it is bare metal server then I might still can look into the harddisk drive itself.

But I've encounter twice where customer has slow disk. And for both of these clients, they are not using any bare metal servers but all are VMs.

Any thoughts? Thanks.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

There can be several reasons for that - slow storage for the virtualization host (ESX in Vmware), other VMS on the same host doing heavy IO at the moment, HW problems, etc. Disks can be attached via different hardware technologies, etc.

It is difficult to know without knowing the virtualization architecture that is in place.

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