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Where is the Deployment Changes coming from in Host Events view?



I could see lots of "Deployment Changes" in Host Events view especially for .js files. Could anyone help me to identify from where Dynatrace picks this information from? As we are not doing any changes with respective to those .js files and we don't know from where it is coming from.






Hi Muthu,

Deployment changes view is a great feature, sure it is very helpful to you, too!

On the OS level, Dynatrace OneAgent is keeping a track of file sizes/dates, and reports an event if a file has been changed (relating to a process).

On the process level, Dynatrace OneAgent is capturing system calls for opening files or loading of them. For selected processes, again OneAgent is checking file size and last modification to it, observing for specific file types such as .ini, .properties .conf, and so on. An event is sent back to Dynatrace from the OneAgent that a deployment has been detected, with the associated metadata.

Hope it explains the process.

In regards to the issue, would you be able to show me a screenshot (taking a special care to mask anything sensitive). What you explains in regards to a JavaScript file I am expecting to observe in a deployment event on a web app and not a host, so would be interested to see this. (Otherwise submit a services ticket and pass me the ref. I can take a look for you)

All the best,

Hi Gary,

Thank you for the details and it's really helpful. Please find the below screen shot for one of the deployment changes,



Hi Muthu, thanks for sharing. Then this is expected. You can verify with the means above with the info I gave on file size and timestamps of the file. Make a note of it as now and you can verify it in dynatrace - the metadata should point you at what is changed as above? (maybe you are doing something dynamic here but you could verify?)


Thanks, Gary.

I'll observe and verify.



Hi guys

Any plans to make those deployment events expose as a metric for charts and custom alerts ?

The use case here is when developers manually move to prod software with no updates to the business guys (and developers don't want to use dynatrace deployment custom events :-() which would like to get the information from dynatrace


dynatrace certificated professional - dynatrace master partner - Matrix Soft Ware Division - Israel


Hey, I know this thread is old but had a related question. We deploy our UI daily, but we are not seeing the 'Deployment' events until the first time a user requests a specific file through Apache. What would be the best way to get Dynatrace to see these all at once? Could we have a script that walks our HTML folder and opens each file or something like that?

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