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cancel the monitoring of the database?


1. I did not deploy oneagent on this machine, and dynatrace automatically detected this database.

2. This database is a test database, I do not need the relevant alarm of this database, how can I cancel the alarm on this test database or cancel the monitoring of this database?


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

It's being monitored because hosts where you have OneAgents installed are talking to it. If you don't care about problems related to it click the "..." -> "edit" button in the top right of your screenshot which will take you to the database service specific settings. Under Anamoly detection just flip the switches to turn off all anomaly detection. Alternatively you could tag the service and exclude it from your alerting profiles but the former is probably simpler in your case.


Ok, is that ok?
Can I know how the second scheme is set up? How do I tag the service and exclude it from my alarm configuration file?

If you want to use tags which can be useful if you have more hosts, processes, or services you want to "ignore" you'll want to read up on tagging here:

and alerting profiles:

Once a service is tagged you can change your alerting profile(s) to exlclude problems that include the selected tags.


Ok, thank you for your reply. I need to look at these documents carefully.

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