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filtering web requests


Hi everyone, We're planning to move our apm monitoring solution (New Relic) to Dynatrace, but we are having some inconvenients, first of all, we are not allowed to enable the flag of user experience (RUM) but we are wanting to see all the web request that are being called by a single server in one single view, cause if we want to see the web request that are being called, we first need to see which service is calling the web request and we have a lot of services running in each host. So it would be very helpful if we can make a search by web request. by the way we must do everything without the "User sessions" module.

Thanks a lot, regards!!


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

It sounds like the issue is it's difficult to find a given request if you don't know the service that the given request maps to in advance (requests fall under a given service).

If this is the case you can use the Top Web Requests tool underneath Diagnostic Tools and using the filter bar at the top you can filter down to a given request regardless of which service it belongs to.

Thanks a lot, you are a job saver, that's exactly what I wanted 🙂

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