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how dynatrace detects a stalled FS and disconnected NFS?


Hello Colleagues,

Do you know how dynatrace detects a stalled Linux file system or a disconnected NFS?

I was checking in anomaly detection and alerting profiles events but can't found anything related to this,

could you share your experience? if there is a way to configure it directly in dynatrace or do we need a special plugin for this?

Thanks in advance for your comments,

Best Regards,

Jesus Perez


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend
There is not a builtin check of such filesystem state. If the filesystem is used by an application that is being monitored (deep monitoring) you would see requests timing out and high IO times in the response time hotspots.

If you need to check a particular filesystem for availability, the best way would be to write a OneAgent plugin for just checking this state.

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