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how much time is needed for onesdk_shutdown to pass data to oneagent

Hi there,

For our prospect which has package softwares in C, we are testing oneagent SDK to capture transactions.

The application consists of a parent and child processes as show below.

Due to shutdown timing, sometimes we failed to completely capture transactions(purepaths).

The warning message was as below:


Some data could not be collected or transmitted. This is most likely due to a resource congestion on network, host or process level in your monitored environment (Diagnostic codes: C1, A5)


The failure rate decreases when we set sleep() before onesdk_shutdown().


Is there any best practice to embed oneagent SDK into this type of environment?

We want to know how much time needed to pass collected data to oneagent.

I guess it depends on the size of data collected, so just rough estimated time is sufficient(a few seconds, 10 seconds...or others).

Best regards,

Hiroshi Kitahara



OK. Unfortunately, as far as I know the exact time to wait cannot be easily estimated. The agent does send all pending PurePaths to the server in onesdk_shutdown but the problem is that some Path data (like any string values) are only sent to Dynatrace when a server asks the agent for it, which it does when it processes the PurePath that contains references to them. Thus the wait time could depend on the total cluster load, among other things.

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