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how to not generate problems relative to processes or services on an specific host



We need to not generate problems relative to processes or services on an specific hosts.

We want to carry on monitoring certain processes or services but nothing alert relative to that must be sent for a hosts we specify.

We are trying to do this but, process monitoring rules, for instance, it's not valid because we can´t select the hosts.
How can we do that? Is it possible to do using API?

Thanks in advance,


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

This can be done. What you need to do is first set an Auto tag that grabs the value of host name and trickle that Host name down to the processes/Services. 

Once the tags are set giving your Dynamic Host Value Tag. I recommend setting one rule for the whole environment. Then just go into your Maintenance window and set a window to Don't Detect/Don't alert on Entities with tag: HostName:X



Create one for Host, Services, and Processes. 

This will then result in Host tags: 


Then Just set your Maintenance window: 





Hi Chad,


Thanks for your answer.

A questions:

  • how can I set the mantenaince windows as indefinitive?
  • is it possible to excluse some processes or servicies?



- At this time a maintenance window has to have an expiry date. I'd Recommend setting it as a year or two, then tossing in a calendar reminder to extend it a week prior to the expiry date. You can also toss in a RFE asking for an option to allow a maintenance window to never expire. 


- It is possible to exclude certain aspects. If you are looking to pick and choose, then you could always create a similar Auto Tagging rule that provides the entity name (service, Host, Process, etc...) and just select it from the Maintenance window scheduler. Or you can manually tag those entities that you want included, then set your window. 



Thanks a lot Chad!

you're very welcome! 


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