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is there anyway to filter processe of a specific host or group of host ?



i was wondering what if i want see only the processes of an specific host or group of host in the smartscape.

is it possibile ? because the only filter i have are "hide inactive and hide unconnected"

I think such filter would be easier to focus on processes of specific hosts.

Thanks for ur help 🙂

Best Regards.



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend
You can leverage management zones in the smartscape and that will help you narrow down the view. Or if you click the host or process, it will open a side bar in smartscape with a narrow view of the connected stack that the selected identity belongs to. I would recommend the management zones as if will be your best option.

Hello @Chad T.

Thanks for the reply, yes i've already used management zones but i wanted know if there are any possibily to filter "on the fly" without creating any zones.

i would like to see only process and services of a selected host
but at this point i guess there aren't any possibilties to what i want.

Anyway, thanks a lot for the help

Have a nice day 🙂


Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Yo can do it from the process (Technologies -> Technology Overview -> Select One -> Process Group -> Select the process running on that concrete host) as well. Once on the process page, you can view it on SmartScape directly (expanding the burger/dots menu on the right to the process name).

As Chad mention, having your environment well organized is the best way to have nice and meaningful SmartScape views!

Hope this helps!!!

Hello @Arturo Mondelo R.

thanks for the reply. Actually my goal was to filter a specific host "on the fly" in a smartscape in a way to have a clean view of processes or services of that hosts.

but i think it's not possibile 😕

Have a nice day 🙂


No, within SmartScape no...

You can use the search bar, put the host name, go directly to that host, and in the same burger/dots menu go directly to smartscape with that concrete view.

Is the more direct "filter" i can think right now!

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