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"totalLicenseCreditCount" object in user session query


Hi community,


I'm trying to obtain a license info (DEM in particular) by perform a user session query like this ---> SELECT COUNT(totalLicenseCreditCount) FROM usersession


My question is, what kind of object is "totalLicenseCreditCount"?

Documentation explain in these words:


But what means "credits"? Can someone explain in other words this? How can i use it to count license utilization in a user session query (if is possibile)?


Thanks, regards


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

I suppose 1 Credit will be 0.25 DEM units. It should be checked but in such case session with Session Replay should consume 4 credits.


Regards, Sebastian

Thanks for your answer Sebastian. So, if i run this query, i consumed 6832 DEM in last 1 hour (my timeframe selected)? Because i'm not sure that it's true, but documentation is not very clear.

If 1 Credit=0.25 DEM, or 1 Credit=1 DEM, this query is correct to calculate DEM consumed in a specific timeframe?

"User session" in this case contain real user and synthetic.

You can make simple check. Create Custom Chart and use this metric:

You can check number of billed ones and you should compare it to your results.

These are my results (metric billed sessions and USQL from the same period of time). So it seems I may be right. Divide this results by 4 and you will get DEM consumption.


Regards, Sebastian

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