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report for service requests based on dynamic request content


Hi, we are looking to get the count and response time for dynamic web requests by capturing & bucketing by the dynamic value. Looks like there are is challenge with this:

  1. global privacy setting to mask client IP addresses, URIs, and HTTP post parameters is on, hence the dynatrace is masking the dynamic part of the web/service request

Is there a workaround to configure this ? Please see screenshot:

The request pattern is something like:



Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Create a request attribute (RA) to grab that portion of the URL. During creation there's a checkbox that allows the RA to access unmasked data. This process is similar to what you've already done for your Business Transaction RA.

Then create a calculated service metric (settings > server-side service monitoring > calculated service metrics) with a condition where your request attribute exists. Split by the request attribute itself.

At this point you have a metric split by each request attribute value (eg. ESC111511) and you can chart it using hte Metrics view and / or alert on it using "custom events for alerting" (settings > anomaly detection > custom events for alerting)

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