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total DDU consumption = w/o included DDU + DDU included, Is that correct?



I throught total DDUs consumptionw/o  included DDUs + DDU included, but in the below 3 pictures I queried in the same period, it does not equeal relationship (29.2k < 218 + 259k), may I ask why, and which builtin metrics should be used in this equation for the correct total DDU consumption, paid consumption, and free consumption ?

Thank you so much!


1.  total DDUs consumption (metrics+log+events+serverless+traces) like below :



2. DDUs consumption by entity w/o host-unit included DDUs



3. DDU inclued data, sum was 259k:




DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

Metric builtin:billing.ddu.metrics.byEntityRaw (DDU consumption without host unit included..) shows total DDU consumption. Metric builtin:billing.ddu.metrics.byEntity shows really billed DDUs.


Alanata a.s.

Base on your suggestion, the results of the query are looks like right, thank you so much!


I also wondering :

1. Is there a metric buildin that can directly query the consumption for free tire-DDUs?

2. How about DDU log consumption, there is no ‘Metric builtin:billing.ddu.log.byEntityRaw’ , could I use 'Metric' shows total DDU log consumption?


Thanks again!

ad 1: there is no such thing as free DDUs but instead there is a number of free metrics per HU. Metric builtin:billing.ddu.includedMetricPerHost can show the number. There is also metric builtin:billing.ddu.includedMetricDduPerHost, that shows recalculation to DDUs.
2. yes shows total ddus spent on log events. There is no HU included log events so it's always billed.

Alanata a.s.

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