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transactions and services limit visibility


Hi, which one is the limit of transactions and services visibility per agent?

I remmember that the limit is 500 services and transactions per agent but I suppouse it may vary. So to be more especific, in java and .net that are the most common used languajes, which one is the limit for both of them?

Thanks a lot, regards.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

If you are asking about the limits, there is something called adaptive traffic management. It has two parts - server reduction (if Dynatrace servers are overloaded) and OneAgent reduction (if number of captured purepaths is above defined limit). Based on your question I think you mean the second part. It is well described here:

In short - there is a limit per application process how many purepaths are captured. It is set by default to 1000 PurePaths/minute for each process. This cannot be modified in Dynatrace SaaS, only in Dynatrace Managed. If the number of captured purepaths is about to breach the limit, based on the algorithm OneAgent decides how many purepaths are captured for each request type so you will have a "relevant sample" of each request type.

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